"Where the hell is she?!" Tia mumbled, not wanting to look for her. She was to tried to do any thing.

"One sec" I closed my eyes shut tight. There was to much noise for me to work any thing out. My brows mushed up together. I felt someone nudge me. When ever I closed my eyes every thing seemed clear again normally.

"What?" I asked annoyed.

"You did that thing when your worried" Tia said.

"What thing?" I asked impatiently.

"You brows mush up together when your worried" she went on. I tried to ignore her but her husky loud voice was so irritating. The music was over powering my powers, which made it harder. Tia was so melodramatic. We split up, I searched for Dannie on the south end of the pub, where most the young people hung out. Tia's eyes were heavy and drowsy, she had dark rings under her eyes. Tomorrow shes gonna blame me for her having a hang over, when it was her idea to come here in the first place. the music over powered, I could hardly think any more, every thing was so confusing these days! I think I have had enough, living forever is a hard thing. Twenty one forever. I can't believe that its already been twenty three years!


The End

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