He pulls me into his arms and we begin to move.

"My name's Wolf" he whispers into my ear. I shiver.

"You're psychic" I mutter.

"As are you beautiful" he whispers back. "May I know your name.

"Willow" I whisper. He spins me out then back in.

"Beautiful name" he whispers. I feel my heart leap in my chest.

The music stops and changes.

"Maybe we should go somewhere more quiet" he whispers in my ear then letting his lips trail along my jaw bone to my chin.

I turn my head away before he reaches my lips. He smiles and 'hmm's approvingly.

"I like a girl with spark" he says. He takes a firm grip on my left hand with his right and leads me through the crowd.

He pulls me into an empty room and presses me up against the door closing it.

He locks the door and leans towards me one arm streached out, his hand next to my head.

My heart is raising.

"Yes, you are the right one" he whispers.

"What?" I say confused and I know my voice stutters.

"A future seer told me I would meet a telepath in four days in a bar and that I would fall in love with her by her eyes" he says rubbing my cheek with his thumb.

Then he tilts up my chin and crushes his lips hard down on mine.

Mmm, it felt good. I wrapped my arms up round his next and he groan slightly when I kissed him back.

He lifted me up by the hips so he didn't have to lean down and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"We shouldn't do this" He whispers but his lips don't leave my skin. Trailing down my jaw and down my neck kissing at the skin.

"No" He says letting go and turning round and putting a hand up through his hair.

"I'm sorry" I mutter even though I don't know why I'm apologizing.

"You have nothing to be sorry for" he says walking back to me and putting his hands on my waist.

He opens his mouth to speak but he shuts it then kisses me again. We spend the rest off the night till its the bars time to close in that room.

When we come out no one is there. "I better get home" I mumble looking embrassed.

"I'll walk you" he says taking my hand and we make our way out of the bar.

The End

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