A Watchful EyeMature


I watch Willow from the table. Not staring at her mind, just... keeping am eye on her. Just by a touch I can see there whole past, every feeling, every memory was mine to watch. And considering that I touched her back so lightly when she was walking to the bar, I saw it all and from my point of view she was a bit messed up at the moment.

Keith brought me here, I had no idea why, he knows I don't like to ‘get down with the kids' and ‘party'. He was my best friend and my brother. I didn't like being in close proximity of a lot of people. He should know that. Maybe he just didn't want to come alone meeting Danni. He would have been swarmed with girls if I wasn't here. That was our deal, whenever we went out we pretended to ‘be together'. Even though were related. We only draped our hands over each other, we didn't hold hands or anything. As that would be gross.

"Looks like you got competition," I laughed over at Keith nearly shouting over the music. He rolled his eyes laughing. He lifted up his drink,

"Another?" I shook my head and he shrugged, "Party pooper," he shouted passing me.

"That's me my brother." that's when I realized I was at the table alone. I shifted uncomfortably when I saw a guy coming out of the crowd towards me. Please don't sit here, please don't sit here. Damn it!

"Hi" He put his hand through his hair like he was trying to flirt. I didn't reply. He can look but he is so not touching!

"Is there a problem little lady?"

"I think there is." Keith made me jump, I had no idea he was behind me. I looked over at the man, his eyes widened. I tried not to smile.

"Oh... um... I didn't..." he got up quickly and hurried through the crowd. I burst out laughing.

"Thanks" I shouted giggling,

"My pleasure" he smiled at me as he sat down.

"You got any luck at the bar?"

"Plenty thanks." he rolled his eyes.

"I'll be back in a minuet." I said jumping up from my chair,

"Where you going? I'm gunna get bombarded in a minuet" I gave him the think-about-it-dumb-arse look. He made a little O with his mouth and laughed into his drink.

"You'll be fine." I patted him on the shoulder and headed for the toilets.



I pulled down my pink pastel dress (that I loved because it covered me up apart from my legs) a little and checked that I hadn't trodden on anything nasty on my gray high heels. I looked in the mirror, checking on my hair, that I must say that was looking rather good tonight. With a plat going round my forehead just behind my fringe and not a chestnut colored hair out of place. I touched up the make up on my eyelids covering my blue eyes with the prettiest shade of cream and headed back out.

There were two girls at the table. I suppose I better return the favour.

"Can we go now sweety?" I put my arms around his neck and onto his chest pro-ocitivly, I smiled at the glaring girls. They moved on disapointed.


"My pleasure" I smiled and sat down "But seriously. Can we go?"

"Yeah, I'll just go and find Danni." With that he drained his drink and we set about finding Danni.

The End

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