Meeting New PeopleMature


"Lets go over there" Danielle shouts over the noise gesturing a table in the corner which two people are already sitting at.

We make our way over.

"Hi, Keith. Hi, Tia" Danielle says sitting down. "This is Willow"

"Hiya" I say nervously waving. Keith whistles.

"Dani mentioned you were pretty but I didn't know you were so hot" Keith says. kissing the top of my hand.

I laugh nervously and sit down.

"Ignore him, his power is mesmerism" Tia says smiling at me, then hitting Keith over the head as I sit down.

"You're brother and sister" I say smiling at them both.

"Yeah... you're a telepath aren't you" Tia says smiling.

"Yeah... I'm gonna get a drink" I stand up and head for the bar.

I lean against the surface and sigh. This isn't helping at all.

I'm still down and my heart still hurts. "What do you want to orde miss?"

I look up at the bar man. "Glass of white wine please" I say smiling. The man gasps but nods and moves off.

God, she's cute. He thinks to himself.

He moves back and I take the drink handing him the money. "What time you get off?" I ask.

He looks taken aback. "In five minutes" he says.

Whats such a beautiful girl doing interested in me. Ahh, thats a sweet thought. But maybe he should look in the mirror.

He has dark hair and light blue eyes. He's also quite tall and muscular.

"I'll just have to wait won't I" I say smiling and leaning forward.

He swallows and smiles back.

"Hey, some of us need serving" A guys shouts.

"I'll deal with it Steve you get off" The other barman says winking.

The guy I'm talking to, Steve nods.

He comes out from behind the bar and stands next to me.

"So whats your name then?" he asks.

"Willow" I say flicking back my hair.

"Want to dance" he asks. I nod and he takes my hand leading me on to the dance floor.

We dance for a while then someone taps Steve on the shoulder.

"May I step in?" the person says.

"Sure mate" Steve says a bit unhappy but moves off.

The the person approaches and I gasp my heart hammering in my chest.

The End

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