Time OutMature

(Just an idea I came up with. Not sure where its going but here it goes)
Life's quite hard for Willow at the moment. She's just been dumped by her boyfriend and nothing seems to be going all to well.
But the world she belongs to secretly is in danger.


How could he do that to me?

How could he just say one day he was in love with me and the next say it's over and that he's going off with my best friend.

Ex-Best friend now.

I can't believe she could do that either. I mean she knew how much I was in love with him.

I'm so angry. Then theres the fact I told him my secret. That I was a telepath.

I had to wipe that from his mind the moment he said he was leaving me. I trusted him. I loved him.

He had even told me that he would always be there for me. And he was when my powers went out of control.

Now he's gone and forgot all about how much I trusted him. I surpose its better that way.

My friend, Danielle, is taking me out to a bar. We're gonna party till the we no longer can.

Well, thats the plan. Not sure if I'll stick to it. I mean Danielle gets me she has powers to.

She see's the future which is cool.

There are a few of us. A few of us Psychic Immortals.

Its can be fun being one sometimes. Healing faster, not be able to die, bones of steel (Almost, thats their strength. Their not really made of steel), extrodinary senses, then theres the psychic part.

It can be so useful at some points. I mean, when I met my ex-boyfriend I knew he loved me.

He had already made the desision in his mind that I was the one. Turns out I'm not.

The Dick. I hate him for leaving me.

Calm down, Willow. Anger isn't the way to fix this.

So we reach the bar and the music is pounding. Minds are full of..... interesting things.

The thoughts mainly consist of sex, alcohol, drugs and trying to find love.

Also the flicker of work, depression, lacken of money and loss of love.

Hm, an adverage bar.

The End

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