Piara DeniaMature

'Hey you, Roinight' I yell.

'Hey Piara. What do you want? I am kinda in a hurry!' Roinight replies sounding annoyed.

'I want to talk-no actually I want to SHOUT at you!' I say not letting him seem as the one who is in control.

'How dare you chose that little, that little butterfly', I say with disgust, 'over me! I heard about the flowers! Well good luck with that, you have set me free and I counld not be happier. You have just thrown away the perfect couple award for the end of the year and your picture on the best page of the year book. Have fun!' My voice starts to shake. I decide Roinight would bask in my tears. I turn and walk away with my head held high, doubling as I do so.

Upstairs in the girls bathroom I slam the cubicle door behind me and start to cry. My heart has been broken- I loved him, I still do!.

Downstairs I finished my exit as many students are watching. Break has just finished and everyone is piling into the corridors. As I walk off looking straight head I feel a speck of warm water on my hand. I look down and realise that it is a tear...my tear.

What? I have doubled this cant happen can it? I run to the bathrooms that my double is in. When I get there she is standing there waiting for me. I will her back into me but she refuses, looking back at me with eyes the picture of pain.

'Why wont you listen to me? Why are you still here?' I say out loud. My double walks slowly to my bed and lays down like I wished to do. I felt the world had collapsed around me. But I could do that I needed to figure out what was happening here. Why couldn't I use my powers? I decide that Ms. Connie my magic teacher would be the best person to go to. I run to her class not caring what my double did. Willing her to make the pain go away.

Bursting into her office, Ms. Connie looks up not at all surprised.

'I hear you have been having relationship troubles...in the corridors.' she says with a smile. One look at my face tells her everything, she does not even have to use her powers of empathy to sense my emotions.

'My child, what has happened?' she says looking concerned, her face full to confusion. 'I cannot read your emontions at all!'

'I think there is something wrong with her...I mean me!' I say breathless, weak and hopeless. I tell her everything and she sits in her seat listening intensely.

'I think we need to go to the principals office and your double should come too. Can you summons her or will I get her?' Ms. Connie says nicely.

I think for a few seconds and know that my double has heard me.

'She will be here soon' I say confidently, trying to make out that I have not lost control altogether. Myself and Ms. Connie walk to the principals office in silence to find my double waiting for us there.

Ms. Connie knocked and we are allow enter.

The End

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