Mellis Young: FearMature

Everything was dark, only the bright flames dominating the area was the source of light and things did not look well.

Loud cries from mothers -- which were covering their childrens corpse -- and baby's wails brought the surroundings to life. For a dark night there were many things that made this night come alive.

Above the raging night, two people were standing at the center of the particular area, absorbing the scene with a grin on their face as if doing something pleasant. Eyes uncontrolably blood thirsty that made them look as if what they were doing was not enough. 


"Ah!" I shouted in the courtyard. I must have dosed off. Luckly I was alone or else I would have had people all over me asking questions.

My body was shivering with the dreadful images that appeared in my dreams. Even though it was always the same one since that day, I could never overpower its strength which it contained. I could not control my shaking hands either that were sweaty from the dream and it was midday; I had to continue my research before it is too late.

The End

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