Alexia: KnockingMature

"A whole hour... uh, and after this I have combat class" I moan as me and Feira sit in our room. Turns out I'm her room mate. I'm lying on my bed and Feira is sat up book in lap on hers.

"Rionight?" She guess.

"Well, nooo"

"Please stop using telepathy" Feira sighs. I roll onto my stomach.

"Sorry, I can't help it...its almost as natural as talking. Gosh, I haven't even had my magic long" I mumble stretching out. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. I look at Feira who looks at me. Then she raises her eyebrow. I sigh heavily and get up. I go to the door and open it. I glimpse Rionights face and slam it shut pressing my back to it, staring at Feira with terified eyes.

"Rionight?" I nod silently and she gets up pointing to me hide behind the door. I do just that and let her answer it.

"Least she has the decency to get someone else to answer the door"  Rionight says. "Just give her this and oh" A finger appears and tilts Feira's chin up making her blush. I discover its to make her look directly in his eyes. "Make sure she reads the tag"

Then he's gone with a wav and Feira slowly closes the door. For a second we just stand there but then Feira shoves a rose into my hand and begins to pack her bags for class. I take the flower and snift it sencing a charm potion on it almost immediatly. I shake the magic from my mind and spot the note tied to the stem by a ribbon.

"I'm heading to the libary to get a new book. See you after class" Feira says leaving. I nod and wave bye before focusing on the note. I sit down and fiddle feeling the soft petal charm put on it. Seriously I have read up before coming. Finally I read it:

"You may not want me to,
But I will chase you till your mine
Rionight Xx"

I moan flopping back onto my bed arms flung out. My hand still holds the rose as it hangs of the end. Great, he's broken with Piara. I close my eyes and find myself reaching out. No... Piara dumped him. My eyes shoot open as I burst out laughing.

The End

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