Mellis YoungMature

"Damn it, I'm late." I had been pre-occupied with the research I was doing in the library and the lesson had already started. Rarely having magic class every week got me very busy in the library, and I always tend to lose track of time.

I was flying to class and I saw Piara at the courtyard heading the same direction. From a close distance I could see Timme sitting at the bench nearby looking at her. That guy would do anything to his brother, wouldn't he, I thought to myself. They must have been talking and always about the same topic. What was it this time, I wonder.

I passed an open window and I saw that Piara had duplicated herself to class -- she will never change. But something else was on my mind when I continued flying. There was a new girl at school.

According to my information from some children that were talking about her in the library, she has one of the rare abilities, telepathy. What else can a time angel ask for? She has got everything that others envy.

Exactly when I changed back to my human form and stood next to my classroom door wating for the teacher to come, a girl with short, midnight black hair and blue eyes that had flecks of gold in them approached,  led by Feira and Oliver. Without a second glance, I noticed they all had stopped and were staring at me.

"Who is that?" She turned around and asked Feira.

"Her name is Mellis Young, I can't really tell you much about her. She gives a  very strange aura I can never seek my teeth into." 

"She looks pretty lonely." Alexia said, giving  me that pitifying look that is shown to me by many of the teachers in the school. I really hated that look. It made me remember the horrifying news I had learnt a long time ago. It brings too much pain.

Suddenly, I saw Alexia walking to my direction.

"What are you doing?" Feira started calling out to her. Alexia just continued her course like nothing happened.

She walked up to me and I looked up with my cloudy dark blue eyes to see her face to face but was  disruppted by an announcement. "Attention class, it would be my pleasure to inform you that the teachers are going to have a brief meeting and it is recommended you leave your classrooms due to that fact that it might take the whole lesson. If it doesn't, we will inform you to gather again to continue."

Saved by the bell. I did not want to have a chat; it was something I never did do well. I usually try to avoid it if possible. I shapeshifted into an eagle right in front of her before she could say anything, spread my wings and flew out from where I came from.

I left the girl with her face frozen with shock.

The End

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