Piara DeniaMature

'Piara' I heard someone call my name. I turned and was surprised to find Timme calling me across the hall after dinner. I just had spent lunch with Rionight talking about what we would do this evening. We, well I, finally dicided that we would meet after his last combat class at six and do some school work before dinner. We agreed that I would not double for ballet this time and that ballet was too important to not focus all my energy on anyway. So we would make up for lost time tomorrow when I had training instead.

'What?!' I called back feeling a bit irrated that Rionight's kid brother wants to talk, they must have had a fight that he wanted me to patch things up again. He led me out to the courtyard and to a bench and sat me down. He asked me to promise not to get angry at him and my first reaction was to go straight to Rionight. I wanted to know exactely what was going on. I doubled before Timme would notice and found myself in the courtyard and up in the combat class with Rionight, who was getting ready for his next class.

'What does Timme want to talk to me about?' I asked calmly. 'Have you had another fight with your little brother that I getting caught in the middle of, 'cause that would be the second involvement in three days and I did not sign up for this!' I was getting quite angry by this time.

'Wait your talking with Timme and me?' Rionight asked cautiously 'Leave him and be with me' He added. His voice had a hint to impatience as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me  close to him kissing me lightly on the lips.

'Wait' I said and I pulled myself away from him and took three big steps over to the window. From here we could both see myself and Timme below talking.

'Well...Its really hard to tell you this but... Rionight,, Rionight likes Alexia. He's planning on dumping you any day now so he can chase her. I..I thought it would be better if you knew. So you can dump him first, keep you rpride..' at this timme stopped talking and just watched me. Tears came to my eyes. Why would Rionight dump me for Alexia? I was smarter and prettier and she was always sad looking. Just because she was a young winger like him. That does not mean that they are meant to be together!

And then it struck me I was beside Rionight. I turned to him and said 'It is plainly obvious that you do not want to be with me, your dumped!' Without waiting for his answer I retracted myself down to Timme and hugged him, exagerating it. He kissed me and I kissed back pretending that I liked it, knowing that Rionight could see us. Timme pulled away 'You have to end it with Rionight. If people see us..' Yeah whatever I thought as I got up to leave. I loved making a scene and I think Timme thought I was serious too which was even better because it shows that my acting classes were paying off.

As I departed my lovely scene in the courtyard I did not glance up to see if Rionight was looking I just smiled to myself and thanks my parents that I got this killer power and not a stupid one. I looked at my watch. Oh god I will be late for magic class and I was helping a new addition to the ballet class who had no co-ordination. She would be my challenge for the year I thought as I doubled and turned in two different direction half walking and half running so as to be on time for both.

The End

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