Timme - Well isn't this a piss take.Mature

It was lunchtime. I looked over at where Rionight was sitting, Piara next to him, chatting away merrily, unaware of the distinctly trapped look on his face. When was he going to break up with her? Drawing it out would only make it worse... Then, with a smile, I decided what I would do.

"PIARA!" I yelled at her as she was walking down the corridor after dinner. 

"What?!" She called back, obviously slightly irritated. 

"I really need to talk to you. Come for a walk?" I asked.

"Sure!" She said brightly, a copy of her appearing next to her and walking towards me. She linked her arm through mine in a friendly way. I shivered. The feel of her skin on mine gave me goosebumps.  We walked out into the courtyard and sat on one of the many benches. "So what did you want to talk about?" 

"Um.. Piara.. Promise me you won't get angry." I said carefully. "At least, not angry at me. Promise." 

"Why?" She murmured, both confused and scared.

"Just promise."

"Okay, I-I promise." 

"Well... Its really hard to tell you this but.. Rionight.. Rionight likes Alexia. He's planning on dumping you any day now so he can chase her. I.. I thought it would be better if you knew. So you can dump him first, keep your pride.." I tailed off. This was harder than I thought. 

"R-really?" She said softly, tears brimming. 

"Yeah.. I'm so, so sorry.." She burst into tears, throwing her arms around me. Although she was soaking my favourite button-up short sleeved black shirt, I didn't care, the feeling of her arms around me was too good to miss.

"Oh Timme..Thanks for telling me. You're a true friend." She said after the sobs had died down. She went to take her arms away from where they rested around my chest, but I caught her wrists, and put them around my neck. I slid my hands around her waist. 

"You don't need my horrid brother. You have me.." I whispered in her ear. Then I leant down and kissed her, lightly, just a brush. Her answering kiss was far more urgent, desperate even. I broke off. "You have to end it with Rionight. If people see us.."  

"I get it. I'm going now." She answered, with a smile. " I love you.." She whispered. 

"Love? Isn't it a bi-" She cut me off with a kiss. 

"I don't care if its too early to say I love you, if I'll just end up getting hurt yadda yadda yeah whatever. I do. So there.

She was obviously just doing this to take her mind off what she had to do now. "Okay, then. You go." I said, trying and failing to force a smile. "I love you.." I whispered as she disappeared through the doors. What was I going to do? She didn't really love me, I knew that much. I was just  a distraction, a desperate girl's plaything. She'd mess me around and then dump me when someone better came along... 

What have I let myself in for?

The End

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