Alexia: Young WingerMature

I was nervous... no scratch that, I was flipping freaked out. For some strange reason non of the techniques that usually called a persons wings back would put mine back. I pout once again. "Oh, cheer up, Alexia" Oliver says letting an arm hang across my shoulder letting his other almost stroke the air in front of us. "You will become very famous cause of this the world could be-"

Feira shoved him aside and slid her arm through mine as we made our way down the corridor. "Idiot" I looked at Feira but she was calmly staring ahead as we walked along, trying to find a table in the packed dining room, ignoring Oliver's glares as he moved to my otherside. She noticed me looking and smiled.

"Did you say something?" I ask my eyebrows coming together. This made Feira frowned.

"No, why?"

"I swear you just called Oliver an idiot" I mumble.

"Hey!" Oliver called out but Feira ignored him looking at me shocked. "But I only thought that"

"Wait, I'm hearing your thoughts" I say stopping shocked. Everyone turned and I relised I had shouted. I blushed and felt my wings shiver on my back beneath the long jacket provided. I tried to lower my eyes but as I did they locked with eyes of bright gold staring out from a black sweeping fringe. I swallowed and began walking again almost racing to a table in the corner.

"Its very odd to have a telepath" someone spoke.

"I thought that telepathy among Time Angels was rare that its too dangerous to here peoples thoughts cause of our task"

"Lucky girl"

I moan and without knowledge my wings break out of the coat ripping it from my back and cover me from sight. I hear gasped murmurs. "Alexia, what are you doing?" Feira hisses having raced over with Oliver at her side.

"Shouldn't you have put them away by now?" A calm voice asks. I almost feel his name slip to my mind easily.... Rionight. So this is the other younger winger, the combat trainer. I felt nervous feelings echo through Feira's head.

"They won't go back it" Feira tells him.

"Rionight, come back will you" a voice calls, Piara. I feel like hitting myself for using my new magic so easily.

"One second" Rionight calls back. Then I feel a hand touch my wings and I jump away almost instantly. My wings brace out large and a shining white with mixes of rainbow.

"She turned from Rionight" whispers echo around my head and I know these are thoughts cause the room is silent.

"Let me help you" Rionight says offering his hand in a gentlemanly manner but this doesn't fool me. He's trying to charm me. His intentions are clear in his head. I pull my wings to my back and stand tall.

"No, I don't need your help" I say then stride past him. "Also, don't bother trying to chase me like other girls. You'll just fail"

I regret my words when his thoughts echo that he's not going to listen to me. That he's going to take the challange and that means Piara will hate me cause he won't chase me without dumping her first.

The End

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