Piara DeniaMature

'Yes mom'... 'Alright mom'...'I will be sure to do that mom'...'bye mom!' and she was gone.

Finally I am alone and can start enjoying myself. I decide on wearing my black dress with only one strap to dinner and of course my new earrings will go well with the dress. My phone beeps, I look at the message 'Are you coming down to dinner? R'. I slip on my favourite killer heels that I acquired for my sixteenth birthday, grab my bag and hurry downstairs to join the crowd heading to the hall for dinner.

I can bearly see over the heads of all the students so if you can't beat them, join them is my motto...I close my eyes and when I open them I am up at the top of the hall looking around for Rionight. I find him over to the right with three of his friends and quickly find myself in the crowd and direct myself through the crowd to my shiny new boyfriend.

'Hey, can I join you?' I ask smiling warmly and looking deeply into Rionight's eyes

'Sure, where have you been?' he answers putting his arm around me.

'Getting ready of course' I say maintaining a smile, he turns around and starts to talk to his friends again. I smile and act like I am interested when really I am upstairs co ordinating outfits for the week-I do not need to focus all my energy on what will be happening in combat class this week!

The End

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