Timme RosserMature

I watched the blonde nerd bring the new kid in to the dining room. Perfectly sure they couldn't see me, I pulled a face. Rumours were already flying around about this new girl. I mean, she had wings. Worse, she didn't know how to put them away yet. 

Great. I thought, Just what I need. Another young winger. UGH.  

I've already decided I didn't like this new kid and I haven't even said one word to her yet. If she was a young winger, she was scum, just like my filthy older brother, Rionight.  God, he was such a dick. Why was it that he gets to be a young winger, gets to have all the girls staring as he passed them in the corridors, gets to teach combat when he was only a third year. It's hell learning to fight from my own beloved brother. He may look all tough and shit when he was teaching the moves, but I know if it came down to it, I would win in a fight.  

"That's Timme Rosser. He's Rionight's half brother." The blonde nerd says to the new kid. SHIT. They can see me? I must have lost my concentration whilst getting angry over Rionight. God, I am so going to beat the hell out of my dearest brother next combat lesson.. 

I shove through the two girls, saying: "Move it, nerdy, get outta my way!" I direct at the blonde. "MOVE IT!" I growl at the new kid. Now I look at her properly, she's okay looking. More Rionight's type though. "Just coz' you're a fucking young winger, doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Jesus. And next time, nerdy-" 

"It's Feira. This is Alexia Hars-" Nerdy interrupts. 

"Whatever. Do I look like I give a shit?" I snap.

"U-um, n-not really." Feira mumbles. 

"Then shut it. Capiche?" I storm off. I've already, eaten, so it's not like I need to stay. Behind me, I hear Alexia ask: "Is he always that... rude?" 

"Not that rude.." Feira replies. "I mean, I knew he was rude but he was sure in a mood today.. Must be because you're a young winger. Since his brother's one and he isn't, he hates all young wingers." 

"Great." Alexia sighs. "A hater already." 

I walk quicker, trying to stop myself from saying something rude. Christ, how dare they talk about me like that when I'm barely out of earshot! I'm so angry, I swear to myself I'll pick a fight with the next kid I see. I just hope that kid happens to be my oh-so-special brother. I'm coming to get you, Rionight.  I think, and my face breaks into an evil grin. I do love a good fight. 

The End

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