Alexia HarsonMature

"Merina, my back's hurting" I say reaching back to rub my back.

"You need to hurry up, Alexia. The bus will be here soon" Merina replies not talking my words into account. She wizzes around the kitchen handing me various objects to pack into my suitcase.

I can't believe I'm going to T.A. I can't believe I'll be living there for the next four years. I might even get chance to do teaching if I excell but I'll still have to study for the whole four years.

"I know, Marina. Its just my back hurts" I gasps. Then it happens I scream and wings shoot from my back as I fall to the floor. My wings lie back across the floor from my back while I curl in on myself shivering.

"Oh god, Alexia..... your a young winger"


I couldn't get my wings to return into my back. Marina contacted the school and they said they'd tell me how to when I got there but I was scared. If my wings didn't stay pulled up to my back they could rip back through my dress. I shifted as I sat in my seat sort of middle row.

"Hey" I looked up to see a girl with long blond curls standing in the row. "May I sit here?" She asks pointing to the seat next to me.

"Oh, yeah, sure" I say with a smile. She sits down and turns to face me offering her hand.

"Feira, returning second year" She says.

"Alexia, starting first year" I say shaking her hand.

"Ahh, bit of a late starter aren't you?" She asks. I shrug knowing she's right.

"Yeah, I lived in a small village so I guess they sort of missed me" I say with a little of a laugh.

"Well, never heard that before.... oh my god, you have wings" She gasps the last bit quietly and I lean back against the chair more so it hides the top of my wings. I blush looking at my hands in my laps.

"Um, don't mention it to anyone yet. I have to get to the school to learn how to hide them back in my skin" I say nervous.

"Oh, don't worry, Alexia. No one will judge you badly being a young winger" She says quietly. "There may be a bit of jealousy but no one will be mean unless you misude it.... wait, you can't get them back in?"

"No" I say blushing more.

"Its simple"

"I know" I sigh. "I just can't"

"Ah, must be a young winger thing. You know there's already a young winger at the school. He's called Rionight and teaches combat. Now on his third year but hardly does class he's basically finished school I'd say" Feira says with a shrug. 

"Well, at least I'm not the only one" I mumble.

"You might want to stay away from him though. He likes a challange and that would get you on Piara's bad side. She's a first year but already has a reputation for being the closest thing Rionights ever had to a girlfriend. He denys it himself" Feira continues.

"Wait, if she's a first year how do you-"

"Oh, I'm officially returning today but I was hear last week and went home for the weekend" She says.

"Hey, girls" I turn to watch a guy sit behind us. For a moment my heart skipts a beat. I mean he's... gorgeous and even has these cute dimples.

"Hey, Oliver" Feira says.

"Whose this?" He asks focusing on me.

"Oh, I'm Alexia" I say holding out my hand. He takes it and kisses the back of my hand which makes me stare and blush.

"Nice to meet you" Oliver says releasing my hand which I yank back to me.

"She's a young winger" Feira whispers quietly.

"Really?" Oliver says turning and smiling at me. I smile and turn with a sigh to look back out the window. This is gonna be a long ride.


I found the school amazing when we arrived. Every moment I looked away it seemed to shift. There were three floors. The first for lessons second and third floor dormantries, girls left side and guy right side of the school.

The hall was straight down the first corridor which is where food was served. What is the most amazing thing is the centre courtyard which the school forms round. In the centre of this cortyard is a tower which is where the time portal sits under magical guard. The whole place overall is beautiful.

The End

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