A Timeless day

     Time had stopped. Jonathan just couldn't understand this. He sat there baffled. Then he had a brilliant plan. "I can do anything!" He yelled "I have all the time in the world and no one else can do anything!" Overjoyed by this new discovery Jonathan ran outside. Looking around he became sure of it. Time had stopped and he was the only one that hadn't! It was at that moment he realized also, HE had stopped time! Why? Why did he stop time? More importantly, how? He turned checking his surroundings once more but there was nothing strange about them. It was then that it hit him like a ton of bricks. The story! He only had until tomorrow to finish it. If he didn't he wouldn't get paid and we all know what happens when people don't get paid. He bolted upstairs and wrote. His fingers danced gracefully across the keys for hours. It seemed as though he was unstoppable. Finally He wrote the last words: and they danced away into the deep moonlit sky. Not only satisfied but ecstatic about his new story and so very tired from writing it, Jonathan lay back in his chair and close his eyes. Upon opening them, Jonathan found it to be that time had once again continued upon its natural course.

The End

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