Jonathan Stood up looking around. Everything was quiet. The clock had stopped ticking, which wasn't all that suspicious. It was a rather old clock, but the rain, rain doesn't just stop. At least that's what he thought. He looked out the window to see that it had. The rain had just, stopped. Everything was stopped, so why wasn't he? He walked to the door and out of his apartment. The hallway was empty. He kept walking until he reached the elevator. He pressed the button but it didn't light up as elevator buttons normally do. He took the stairs instead. Finally once he got outside, he was sure. This was no illusion. Time had just, stopped. What was he to do at this point? Jonathan concluded,or rather hoped, it was all a dream and that if he went back to his apartment and just closed his eyes he would wake up again. He did precisely that. He walked back upstairs into the cold dimly lit apartment, sat down and closed his eyes, but when they once again fluttered back open the clock was not ticking nor was the rain falling. Time was still and so was everything else.

The End

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