A Bad Case of Writers Block

     He looked at the bright computer screen in frustration.  Quickly typing a few words then erasing a paragraph. No word was satisfactory and no Idea worthy. It seemed as though his fingers never stopped moving.  Still the screen was blank every time he stopped. His fingers danced along the keys while he thought. Each word seemed to be less worthy of the story than the next. Still he had to keep working. This was everything. Finally he decided to take a break. He sat back closed his eyes and listened. He listened to the rain, listened and imagined what it looked like.  Soft, clear, shining droplets falling. Each one catching the sunlight. A beautiful ray of color leaving from the other side. Millions of little raindrops. Each of them falling rapidly towards the ground before finally crashing onto the pavement,  smaller droplets coming off of it and flying in all directions. As he thought about this, it felt as though time was slowing. He could hear every droplet crash. As he listened he began to hear the clock ticking. Every second, tick, spash, tick, splash, tick, and then, it just stopped

The End

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