The Lioness

Great jaws, used for grasping prey and asphyxiating life. But pearly teeth lead to something more, a cradle for young and protecting the family. Showing loyalty and fighting for status. Just jaws, simple and strong, see so much life, more than paw or eye and yet when all is done and the great lioness is given back to the Earth, such power and strength is also given back; the energy flowing through the land.

Claws, used for playing and for killing.
Fur, rippling and golden in the plain's sun.
Eyes, sharpened and watching, vigilant.

Memories, of such a beast, a beast of beauty and of contradictions. An animal of flow, brisk and slow. Such prowess, magnificence and primal instincts could never truly be forgotten. Her energy flows like great waves in an ocean of life, her paws beating on the ground like war drums.

Such beauty is never lost, we must only look to the sky. To the lights, and beyond. We must only feel the wind through our hair, embracing us. We must only hear her roar carried on the breeze, feel her heart beating fast for the hunt.

For true beauty; we must only listen to silence.

The End

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