The Night Mother

The moon hung high in the sky, her perch shimmering in the cosmic light that glittered down onto the rain soaked street. The stars could not be seen under the harsh cloak of stormy clouds, but Luna shone through as strong as ever. I walked; strong, regal and with purpose. This night was mine, as was any other creature walking beneath it.

She was me – I was her; long flowing black hair, bottomless eyes, burning with distant stars. A birthmark, as black as a henna tattoo curling round my whole body in swirls, knotted Celtic designs and Egyptian hieroglyphics, The Greek Alphabet and nightshade petals. My skin is as pale as moonlight, a body untouched by sun and my lips; painted midnight blue. I am known of many names, but simply – I am night.

Author's Note: This is about, well, Nyx, Metztli, Kuk, Nephthys,Asteria,Hecate, Breksta, Nox, Zorya Polunochnaya, Zorya Vechernyaya, Polunochnitsa, Nótt and many others I simply cannot name. As I believe that all god's are one, and simply are so endless they appear in every time as many incarnations.

The End

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