I'm going to split my branch into three other branches, depending on whether I think my quotes are more like parts of poems or stories or just poetic-sounding sentences.

Oh! I have something good I can put on this page. It's like an explanation of what happens when I write and when people comment on my work on this wonderful site (I think it's from an msn conversation I had with someone - I tend to save things I've said that I like on a word document):

I daydream about some of my characters, I fall in love with the guys, I imagine myself as the girls.

When you share your pen with your soul, the story becomes important to you: a deeper part of you goes into the writing and your heartstrings become entwined with the words and ideas.

When I get good comments and good ratings, I think ‘Wow, this is people enjoying something I've put all my emotions into. They understand it.' Because deep inside, we all feel a bit misunderstood sometimes or just as if people don't appreciate or see the true us.

And it's like 'I love reading my stuff but I never imagined other people would.

‘I thought they'd think I was crazy or something.'

If you read between the lines, you'll see a part of me.

The End

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