Through the Bedroom Window

This writing exercise was to 'describe the view from your window', and since I am in my partner's room right now the view is from his bedroom window.

Despite the tumbling grey sky, there’s a light warm breeze flowing in through the open window. The slatted grey and dusty blinds block the view to the patio below, and obscure most of the world outside. The grey clouds are mostly the same pale shade, with curls of pearl and blots of dirty silver; the sun is nowhere to be found today.

Below the window is the garden; the plant pots are hidden by the window blinds, but I can see the wooden shed with its sloped grey roof, the patchy green lawn stretching out at the side and disappearing around behind. Along the edge of the lawn are flowerbeds, though there are few flowers planted; only small shrubs and bushes; however a few of them are dying off. The tall surrounding fence is a deep brown wood, held up by grey stone posts. On either side of Sam’s fence there are stone walkways of pale yellow slabs, where the bins are kept; each house owns one black, one brown, one blue and one green for the recycling. The stone path continues around behind the fence, so that the houses on either side have gates onto the bin path.

Beyond the wooden fences are faded old workshops; the one opposite Sam’s garden has a triangular roof, the dirty cream wall facing the bedroom window. The windows have blue window sills above and below, but I can’t see lower than the tops of the ground floor windows because of the tall fences. The dirty cream wall is covered in long orange rust stains where the rain has coated fixtures on the wall, which includes an old yellow burglary alarm.

To the left are more workshops and warehouses; one of them has the name 'Shaw and Wright’s Garage' in blue and white above the large open door. This building, unlike the others, is flat roofed and grey, and I can see a lot of cars parked waiting to be picked up or worked on. All of the workshops seem to be garages, and the sound of motors, drills and machinery drifts in through the open window. The grey garage also has a sign for MOT testing on a small side wall, partly hidden by the next workshop.

To the right, beyond the neighbour’s garden and the dirty workshops in front, are the tops of trees, adding a splattering of fresh green to the urban scene. Through a gap between the treetops and sloped workshop roof I can see cars driving across a road bridge. The road curves up around the workshops, and from the road; if you know where it is; you can see Sam’s bedroom window just as you can see the road from the house.

The End

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