Chickenguts, Mangy-Mutts, and Him

"Rufus! Get back here!" I warned, as yet again, my arm got yanked from its socket, the third time within the hour.

Rufus wasn't the kind of puppy you could call "well-trained." Or trained at all, for that matter. In fact, on days like this, where he was all playful and hyper, you could hardly keep the little squirm on a leesh.

So probably a walk wasn't the greatest of ideas for today. But he'd been so cute in his little kennel, and I was sure he was just dying to be taken on a walk, so here we were. And then we weren't, because Rufus pulled in a different direction, and we were off again.

Towards a giant brown house. And not just anyhouse at all- Oh no, because that would be all too nice of Rufus. Nope, this was  His house. The house that I was all but too familiar with of avoiding. The house that belonged to none other than the guy I had a huge crush on, a.k.a Demos Rodgers.

Demos was out of my league times a million. He was a senior, I was a lousy sophmore. He was the student body president, and I was the girl who volunteered for the animal shelter. Anyways, you get the picture, and it wasn't a pretty one at that.

"Time to go Rufus." I decided, and I tugged extra hard on his leesh, to no avail. He pulled back, and we were on a one-way path towards the Rodgers' garbage can.

Smack! Rufus didn't slow down, and hit the garbage bin straight on, knocking it over, along with all of its contents. And what comes flinging out, instantly becoming Rufus's prized treasure, was none other than chickenguts. Yup, greasy, stinky, day-old chickenguts.

I groaned outloud. There was no way I was going to get out of this unscathed. I would have to do one of two things, open the door and explain the mess and apologize to the Rodgers, and risk Demos opening the door, or stand out here and clean the mess up by myself, and risk Demos seeing me picking through his trash. It was a loose-loose situation.

Before I had time to decide anything, someone crept up on me. "Cute dog. Is he a fullbred?" I froze instantly at the words. Demos. I turned around slowly, and gave a nervous half-laugh.

"No. Just a mangy-mutt." I pushed a piece of my hair behind my ear nervously, watching Demos carefully. "Sorry about the mess, I swear I'll clean it up."

"No worries. Let me help." We both bent down, our hands t0uching as we reach for the same piece of litter on the sidewalk. I laugh, again, and move to clean up something else. "What's his name?"

"Rufus." I look over to Rufus, and although I'm no longer holding his leesh, he is too preoccupied with his chickenguts to care.

We quickly picked all the trash up, easily enough, holding a real conversation with each other, talking about school, the upcoming animal shelter donation drive, amongst other topics. 

"Well, glad talking to you Sam." Demos handed me Rufus's leesh and gave me a huge smile, making my heart swoon.  He bent down and ran a hand down Rufus's fur.

"See you in school." I nod, and me and Rufus head home, me smiling the whole way back, and Rufus actually behaving himself for once.

Maybe Rufus had actually done me a favor.  Who knew chickenguts and one mangy-mutt could get me on a first name basis with the man of my dreams?


The End

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