Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 8Mature

Chapter IX: Let's head out!

I called up Zero and Athena, and we all met up at our local mall's food court to discuss our way of travel to get there. "Walking might be the best way for us," Zero said as I slurped on my soda. "Since the map is a magic one with clairvoiyances, it'll be easiest to walk since we can go our own way. Plus, a car couldn't get over those mountains or water."

We all agreed that was the best way of travel, when we start. We shopped around the mall, looking for supplies we might need. I had remembered I needed to buy tons of water bottles so I….. goddammit I can't remember where water bottles are sold. Meh, I suppose I'll ask someone. So I did, and I was directed to a small little store, sorta like a mini gas station store, with all sorts of stuff.

We all met up again, and walked back outside, bags in hands, and our minds set on adventure. We walked to the border of our town pointing closest towards the first obstacles, which were the heavy mountain and forest area. "You guys ready to do this?" I said as we all shook with excitement. Athena turned and said with a grin, "I was born ready!" while Zero just nodded his head slowly, like he couldn't say anything.

"Let's start out then," I confidently stated. And with that, we took our first step out of TenebrisTown. Zero turned to me, as to respond to my statement, and replied, "How are we going to seize Zant? I mean, he's got a huge demon on his side, and we have… ourselves! I mean, aren't we supposed to have like, some sort of item or super sword to defeat him?" 

I thought about it, and shook my head. "No, remember? He's just a normal guy with magic like Athena. All we have to do is take him down, but we CAN'T kill him. We only have to take his Grimoire and we get Athena," and I turned my head to her, "To burn it. This is our plan that would probably work the best way." The two of them shook their heads in agreement, and we kept walking.

We talked about various things while we walked, like video games, school stuff, and we asked random questions about each other, like music and hobbies and stuff. Usually it was between Zero and Athena, and Athena and I, since I knew everything about Zero and vice-versa. We walked for about 2 more hours before it was around 5 o'clock.

"How far have we been walking, Dante? I'd like to know in miles, if possible," Athena asked. I took out the clairvoyance map, and looked at it's walking meter. It said we have gone about 8 miles, maybe 10. When I told her, she nodded her head and we continued to walk. I took another look at the map and noticed a very small mark on it that looked like 3 houses. We were about a few millimeters off of it, so I suppose we were going to hit a town soon! I told Zero and Athena, and their eyes lit up with excitement.

"I'm just glad we aren't going to be sleeping in our bags on the ground tonight," Zero said with relief. "How many more miles until we reach the town anyways?" I looked at the map's legend, and an inch was about 30 miles. It looked as if the town was a mile or two in front of us.

I responded to Zero, "We should be there in about 25 to 35 minutes, if we don't stop for a rest." He made a giddy squeal and I rolled my eyes at him, ignoring it. We walked for another 10 minutes before I could see the faint glow of lights inside of houses. We kept walking towards the light, and eventually reached the town.

We looked around for the inn, and saw a medium sized, 2 story house in front of us labelled "The Fisherman's Inn". We walked in, and the door made a squeak noise. "Welcome to the Fisherman's Inn!" The bartender said with a smile. "Hi there, sir. We'd like a room for 3, please." He nodded his head and directed us to room 11. It was a fairly sized room, with 3 beds at the wall. 

We took our showers and got ready to sleep. We had a long day tomorrow, and we needed our sleep. I said good night to the two, and they mumbled a groggy g'night back. As I drifted off, I heard another voice in my head. "Good night, Dante. Sleep well."

Shut it, Zant.

The End

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