Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 8Mature

Chapter VIII: The Journey Begins

Later that warm Wednesday afternoon, we went to the library to find out more about this "Mount Azalea". The three of us scavenged the aisles, looking for anything about this mountain. We could only find a book about it, but it didn't give a certain location on it. It did, though, tell us what the mountain was all about.

The book was titled as "Mt. Azalea", and nothing else. You would think that it would have some sort of hint as to where it's whereabouts are, right? Well you're WRONG. All it said was that it was a good tourist attraction, and sometimes used for religious rituals. It said absolutely nothing about a demon that was inside of it, or anything else! Since it was pretty much useless, we put it back. Maybe if we asked the librarian who worked there, he could help us.

We all walked to the counter and I said with a low and calm tone, "We need to find more information on the whereabouts of Mount Azalea. Can you help us?" He had a nervous look on his face after I asked. "I suppose so, I guess. But why do you need to know where it is?" he responded. We couldn't tell him that we were gonna go fight a demon up there! Zero butted in and swiftly said, "We wanted to do more research on it and the book here couldn't really help, so we would like to see it in person."

Good thinking, bro. The librarian's expression changed to relief and he started to explain where it was. Before he did, he took out a map and a pencil, pointed to the near top of the map, and put his pencil on it. "This here is where Azalea is. From here, it is about 200 miles, and inaccessible from car, plane, or pretty much any vehicle. But you will need to ferry across a lake during your adventure.

The librarian handed us the map and told us to keep it. "You'll definitely need it. It's infused with a Clairvoyance magic, so it shows your direction and your whereabouts. I wish you the best of luck." We thanked him for the map and his luck and walked out. Athena gave a worried look and questioned, "What will we eat on our way? Like he said, it's 200 miles to the mountain." 

I looked at the map and noticed that on the way, there was a few towns and scattered shops along the way. "There are several towns and shops along the way, and i'm sure that there will be apples, streams, and lots of animals to hunt," I responded. She gave a slight smile and nodded. "We will definitely bring bags to store stuff in along the way, so we can put food in them until we reach an inn or town."

We started to talk about when we were going to leave for Azalea. Zero said that we should probably leave this coming Saturday. We all agreed that this was the best time to depart our homes. After we agreed on this, we chatted for another few minutes before we all said our goodbyes and separated. Once I got home, I started to look for some good food to take along on the journey.

I looked for food that would most likely suit our long travel. Something that would definitely last a while. Cheese? Cheese. Hmm……. a couple boxes of cereal, maybe water with flavored packs. I'll probably buy a few watered bottle packs for us. I couldn't think of anything else at the moment, so I stopped there.

I started off into my bathroom to shower, when I felt a slight pain in my temples. I shrugged it off as stress pains from recent activities, and undressed to get into the shower. As I was showering, my head thumped with pain, and I grimaced, almost falling to the tub's floor. "Hello, Dante," a voice in my head said. It was very loud and echo-ey, and the voice sounded familiar.

"Remember me? It's Zant, you moron. I thought i'd drop in to say hi. I'll be doing this every other day to let you know i'm still waiting. I'll be watching your every move, boy. So don't let your guard down." The voice receded and my head stopped its pains. Zant can get into my head, too? There's no telling what else he can do with that thing.

After I got out of the shower and put on my pajamas, I slipped into my bed to try and get a good night's rest. But I could barely close my eyes because of what had happened several minutes ago. Was he messing with me? Was it really him? Or was it my imagination? I tried not to worry about it and closed my eyes.

I drifted asleep, falling very deeply into it.

The End

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