Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 7Mature

Part 2 of Three Kings of Nothing 

Chapter VII: What now?

Darkness. That's all I saw. Where am I? Am I sleeping? I must have blacked out, dammit! I sat there, seeing nothing in my consciousness until I started to awaken. My eyes fluttered open, only to see Zero and Athena standing over me. I was still inside Zant's house. Or at least the remains of it. It was almost like a giant sword swooped down on the house and sliced it in half. It was a perfectly executed cut, about ten feet above me. Almost the ceiling of Zant's room. "What in God's name happened?" Athena yelled with a very scared look. "Did you destroy the Grimoire?" My mouth was agape in awe of the house, still. I shook my head slowly, saying, "No, not even close. He took the book and I blacked out. He used the Grimoire to subdue me. He used a few spells from it and then I blacked out on the spot. But he didn't call it the Grimoire then. He said something like "The Book of Death". Could it really be THAT Grimoire? The one that was supposedly lost?" We all agreed it probably was. We knew nothing about it, so we didn't know what we were supposed to do. I knew we definitely had to find Zant and defeat him, but how? Again, we knew nothing about this book. We started to look around the room for hints on where he might've gone. "Hey guys? I think I found a note he left," Zero said. Me and Athena walked to him and started to read the note. "To whom it may concern," It started to say. Even when he's evil, he still writes in a latterly fashion. What a douche. "I'm going to Mt. Azalea so that I may resurrect the great demon that lies within. I doubt anyone will get in, so don't even try. Do what you may, of course. Anyways, I plan to destroy the world and use this power to restart. A whole new world for me to control. Won't that be something? And If the three bastards I befriended are reading this, come and fight me. I need two souls to resurrect the demon, and an extra soul to make myself live. I think I'll take Athena's for myself, hmm? I'll be waiting, Dante. I especially wait for you.

Sincerely, Zant Arneaus"

Nobody said anything. We were all in shock for what was to come ahead. The three of us, we were just a group of friends. But now, we have to destroy an extremely powerful demon. I can't believe that. The others couldn't either. We just stood there for a few minutes before Athena turned and said with a very quiet whisper, "I'm going home. We'll talk about this tomorrow." With that, she left me and Zero still standing there. We both left a few minutes after her. We went to our separate homes without saying a word on the way. I got home, only to find myself sitting down, thinking about what had happened. Where is Azalea? What is this demon? Whatever it was, We are going to find it and that's that. I snapped out of my trance to hear my cell phone. I checked my caller ID. It was Athena. I picked up with a "Hi" and got an immediate response. "Come over now. We need to talk. Zero is coming too." She sounded scared. But with a large hint of seriousness and bravery. I could already tell what it was going to be about. I swiftly got up from my seat to go to her house. When I got there, Zero and Athena were standing outside, waiting. I looked into their eyes and I knew exactly what was going to come next. I walked up to the both of them and we stood there again for a minute before a voice broke the silence. "We need to find Zant." It was Zero. Athena nodded her head in approval. "I agree. I'm with you." She spoke in a serious and lighthearted tone. Like she wasn't afraid. They both looked at me and Zero held out his hand for a bro-handshake. I thought for a second. Zant is a very powerful magician and swordsman. Can we take him? Hell. Yes. We. CAN! I grabbed his hand in approval, and we did the shake. A high five, fist bump, and then a sword crossing with our arms. We all whooped loudly and I then screamed to the stars, "We're gonna getcha, Zant! No matter what comes in my way, you will be defeated!" I then put my head back to ground level and looked at Zero and Athena. "As long as I have you two with me, nothing will stand before us. We can conquer anything. Now, who's with me? We gonna get this guy or what?" They both looked back, then at each other, and we all agreed.

Watch out, Zant! And by the way, I won't ever let anything happen to my friends. Nobody shall die by your hand. 

The End

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