Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 6Mature

Chapter VI: Dream come true

I went through the whole day not saying a word to anyone. I couldn't respond to questions, I couldn't speak, I couldn't do anything. Same goes for Zero. We both knew what a Grimoire was. It was basically an evil spell book that if performed by a magic user, would turn them evil and they would destruct all who oppose. Usually with demons, necromancy, and even Lucifer himself would fight for him. Me and Zero both knew that we had to find this Grimoire somehow and destroy it. When we got out of school, we stood outside and waited on Zant to leave first. We made sure he didn't see us, so we had to hide behind the sign, and once he got closer, and move around it to stay out of eyesight. The whole time, he looked tired. Like he did before he asked us about the Grimoire. *The reason I capitalize Grimoire is because there are only 2 known Grimoires in the world, and it would just be better to refer to it as that, since the other is not known in location.* We waited on Athena to finish her lesson at the school, so we could explain to her what happened. Once she did come out, we walked up to her. "What are you guys doing here? Shouldn't you be home?", she asked with a questioned look. We quickly explained what Zant had said, and what we needed to do. She turned a pale white, like me and Zero did this morning. "Oh my god….. we are totally screwed. Dante, you're an assassin. Sneak in his manor and use a flame spell to destroy it. If you don't, tomorrow may be too late." I nodded my head and started off to Zant's mansion. I could hear them saying "be careful!" in the distance. I waved my hand back and went. Oh crap! I'll need my suit. I went back home to get it, and grabbed my knives just in case. Not my practice ones, though. I might have to actually take it by physical force. 

Once I got to Zant's home, I hid in a bush, and waited until nightfall. The workers from his home started to leave around then, so right before the last one left to close the door, I quickly ran up to him go choke him into a sleep. The other worker was about 20 feet away, so she didn't turn around and hear me. Once he finally fell silent, I checked his heart rate. (bump bump. bump bump.) Perfect. He's fine. I ran inside and scoped around. Lights were on, so I made sure nobody was around. Everyone was gone, so I started to listen for footsteps. I heard nothing, so I silently ran across the marble floor towards the bedrooms. I knew where they were, since me and Athena walked around the house. Once I got to this hallway, I could overhear Mr. and Mrs. Arneaus's conversation. I  put my ear against the oak door and listened in. "…the book. Will Zant be okay with it? I mean, he won't be using those spells…. right?" I heard a sigh, then a deep voice saying, "I think we can trust him. Now we should probably get to sleep." A higher pitched voice, probably his mom, said a soft "Good night" and I saw the lights go out. They started to rustle around, probably looking for a good position to sleep in. I used this noise to quietly go across the floor to Zant's room. I opened the door to his large room, and saw Zant facing in the opposite direction. The door made no sound, so he didn't hear. I knew it wouldn't make sound anyways, because hey, "expensive". I quietly walked to him and  put my knife to his throat, while saying, "Don't. Move. A muscle. If you speak, you'll have a hole in your neck the size of a baseball." He didn't move, but instead did a quiet chuckle. "You really think you can stop me? This Book of Death is my only plan to actually do something. If I use this right, the whole world will be mine. No more will I have to worry about going to fancy parties, dressing perfectly, and being the good little rich boy. That sounds fucking stupid if you ask me." I grunted, and pushed my knife harder against him, making an impression. "Anima rigéscunt," He then said. I was about to slice, when I noticed my arm wasn't moving. What the hell? Did he use a spell? He then got up and said, "Soul freeze, dumbass. Came from the book!" I stood there in my same position, like I was going to slice his throat in his chair. "You really think you can stop me? REALLY?! Here's another one for you. Sanguis scalpere." I could feel my blood was causing pain! Like he had cut open my insides with my blood! "You know," He said with a whisper in my ear, "All your friends will die, soon, and there isn't a thing you can do about it. Your time grows nearer, "friend"." 

The dream. I was positive it was Zant now.

The End

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