Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 5Mature

Chapter V - Things take a turn for the worse

"The…. tomes?" Athena said with a slight fear on her face. Zant turned to her and asked, "You don't know what tomes are? They're like…. books with spells. They help me study in the ways of magecraft and casting spells. Do you get it?" Me and Zero both knew exactly what a tome was, so we didn't need to ask. Athena had a frown on her face and looked like she was about to yell at him at a very high pitched volume. "Why the hell have I never heard of one of these things before?!", Athena yelled. "I've been a mage for 6 years at the least, and I've never heard of a tome before!" 6 years? Had she never gone to a mage's school for students? I asked her that exactly, and she shook her head. "I homeschooled myself in secret. I knew my parents wouldn't approve of my magic, so I learned when they weren't around. I never had the chance to read any type of books, or get tips, so I usually watched battles from other mages and got my skills there." Zant shook his head and said with a grin, "That must explain why you don't know. All mages need to go to a school to learn about this type of stuff. After how well you fought against Dante, I think you could double your strength if you went to school for a week or so. Shall I put you in a class?" Athena blushed and quietly said, "Sure, if you're sure its fine." Dammit, Zant. back off. I can't get to second base without you- I mean what? Eheh…. disregard that. Anyways, Zant pointed to her where she needed to go, and I stayed with the still hurt Zero. Zant sat back down and looked out the window. I still felt a pang of jealousy, so I called for Zant. "Hey Zant. Would you do me a favor? Don't hit on Athena or whatever." Zant turned with a confused expression. "Whaaaaa? I'm just helping her with her magecraftiness and whatnot. Don't worry, there's another girl at the school anyways." "Okay. Sorry for bringing it up man." He nodded his head like he was saying "no prob". I turned to Zero a second later. "So, how're you holdin' up?" He felt his chest, and winced in pain. "Well, it's doing better. Wanna see the cut?" I thought for a second, thinking about it. Should I? Why am I thinking about this? Duh, I want to see. I nodded my head, and he unwrapped the bandage around his chest a little bit. There was a cut across his chest about 4 inches long, and a centimeter thick. Not too deep, but I could see the inside of his skin, which was pink and raw. He had stopped bleeding, which was good. I did an "Oooh. Sss." sound to express how much it must've hurt if it was on me.

Athena came back with a smile on her face and she told us she enrolled, and she will take her classes after school, at the school. I suppose Zant was paying, or it was free, and the teacher was a worker at the mansion. Dare I say house, because it was at least 10 times bigger than a regular one. Let's just say home. After that, we made sure Zero was okay to leave, and we all walked each other home. Once I got there, I got on my computer and started to write some stuff for a small book I was working on. *Haha, get it? Writing inside of writing. Bookception. Anyone? Tough crowd.* When I finished, I did my normal routine of going to bed. Shower, brushing my teeth, putting on my sleep clothes, blah blah blah. I sat in bed, listening to a bit of music to help me sleep, when I thought about the fight. I wonder how much he had to study and practice to get that sort of power. Maybe I should start using magic again…. I was a real pro at it. Unh-uh, no! I told myself I would never use magic again. -silence in my thoughts- Maybe. I'll ask Zero and Athena what they think. I might use it. I finally drifted asleep after 2 minutes of that thinking.

"GET UP, FAGGOT." I freaked out as I saw Zero standing above me, laughing. "You're gonna get it one day, bro." He shrugged his shoulders and told me to get ready. It was only 7:15, so he must have wanted to get to class early to hang out. I got my clothes on in about 5 minutes, and got ready to go. I grabbed a blueberry frosted Pop-tart and left with Zero. We talked about various things until we got to school, where we saw Zant standing outside. He looked a little off-beat today. There was a strange darkness in his eyes. His eyes were almost…. red. "Yo, Zant! Whassup?" He looked over and I saw bags under his eyes. He must have been up all night doing something. "Hi guys. Sorry if I don't look good. I was up all night reading something." He was probably reading his tomes, so I didn't ask. His expression then changed; his mouth stretched from ear to ear in a deadly smile. "I have a question for bothaya. Have you ever heard of a grimoire?" The expression on my face and Zero's face also changed. Oh, but it wasn't in concern.

It was in fear.

The End

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