Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 4Mature

Chapter IV - Zant's true power

I woke up, dazed. I had absolutely no idea where I was. Then I remembered the fight! I remember Zant using his lightning attack to take out me and Zero! I got up, and looked at Zero, who was still unconscious in the other bed. I looked to the other side, and saw Zant, asleep in his chair. He had his white sword-or his Sword of the Snow, (What I called it) holstered in his sheath. I turned to get up, and I felt a very strong pain in my lower abdomen. I glanced down to see a bandage about 5 inches long around my waist. I couldn't believe it! Zant had an extremely strong power. I'll ask him whenever he wakes up. I grunted as the pain in my waist started to recede as I got used to it. I walked outside, only to see a few workers in the mansion, and Athena sitting outside. "Dante! You're okay! I thought you would have broken something or whatever!" She got up quickly and hugged me. I winced in pain, as she had accidentally put her elbow into my wound. "Athena… please get off. You're hitting the place where Zant struck me with your elbow." She quickly stopped and apologized. I told her it was fine, and we started to walk around. "Wow….. this place is huge!" I said as I looked in almost every direction. There were very shiny and huge chandeliers, very expensive lamps, vases, statues, a fine wooden staircase, a grand hallway…. everything you could imagine in a mansion was definitely here. I turned to Athena and said in a whisper, "How do you think Zant got all that power? I've never seen a magical attack in a guy that age. I mean, you're a very powerful mage and all, but still! I've been hit my a few of your fire and electric attacks, but they could never hurt me so hard that I fell at least seventy feet back! Even considering i'm a High Elf, that was definitely something else. " She said nothing, but nodded her head and then shrugged her shoulders. She turned to look at me, and I definitely saw a type of sadness in her eyes. Did she not feel strong enough? I thought I hurt her feelings, so I stopped myself, and she stopped as well. "What's wrong," she said looking at me again with her sad eyes. "Did I hurt your feelings? When I said that Zant was stronger than you, I didn't mean it like your magic sucks. It is very amazing. Remember that fight with Zero about a month ago?" She looked down and nodded slowly, like she was capturing the detail. She smiled and said, "Yeah, I kicked his ass, didn't I?" "Yeah you did! You're the strongest mage I know, you know." She looked up at me and gave that usual, blush smile like she's saying "Oh stop it, you!" I motioned forwards, and we continued to walk. We didn't say anything during the walk, except for a few "Look at that's" and "Ooh that's pretty!". We continued, until we met a woman wearing a set of Mario Pajamas, and a T-shirt. We stopped, and our faces grew white. "Who are you?" She said with a concerned look on her face. "Uh…. We're Zant's friends. Are you his mom?" She smiled and said with a grin, "Yes I am! You must be Dante, and you must be……… it starts with an A….." Athena chuckled and said, "Athena, ma'am. Nice to meetcha!" We both shook her hand, and she started telling us about how Zant met some friends and he was talking about them. "Where is Zero, though?" She asked. "He's in the infirmary, still unconscious." "Oh my. We should probably check on him." 

We all rushed to the infirmary and saw Zero sitting up, smiling at Zant, them talking about the fight. We hid behind the wall to listen in.  Zero said with a tired, yet happy face, "Dude, that attack was wicked! How'd you do it? Zant whispered to Zero, well, *mumbles for a few seconds" and while storing up the power, you- I know you guys are behind the wall. Come on, get outta there." We came out, and he laughed a little. "Dante, I totally kicked your butt out there! Don't take it too hard, though. It was still a challenging fight against Zero. His swordplay was executed very well." Zero smiled and chuckled, "Yeah, well 4 years of practice with this guy does you pretty good!" He pointed to me with his index finger and I blushed, turning my head. "I wanna know the secret of your power, Zant. How in God's name did you do that?" Zant turned dark and said with a deep tone, "You really want to know?" We all nodded our heads excitedly. Especially Athena. 

What really gives me my power, are the tomes.

The End

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