Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 3Mature

Chapter III - Something's strange about him…

"I couldn't believe it! I'm almost certain, but the kid who I saw in that dream… it was Zant," I said to Zero as he walked with me to class. "I'm not sure, but the two guys looked exactly alike!" He shook his head and sighed. "Dude, you gotta know when it's a coincidence, and when you are positive. Now tell me all about this dream you had, and I'll see if it could be true." So, I started to tell him about the dream I had. Up from the part where we met, until he told me that all my friends would die. He gave me a strange look, and shook his head once again. "Zant's a nice guy. I don't think he would ever, EVER say something like that. It must have been a coincidence. You must've been dreaming random stuff, and that's what your mind came up with." I stared into space, contemplating what Zero had said, but I couldn't believe it. I knew I saw him, and I would have to keep a close watch on this guy. He might not be trusted. Wait, WHAT? I stopped myself and thought about what I was…. thinking. Of course he's trustworthy! I told Zero I was just overreacting, and there probably wasn't anything wrong anyways. He nodded and said, "Good. Hey, a little swordplay sound good after school?" "Hells yeah it does," I said with a huge smile. "I'll get my wooden daggers out beforehand! And remember to get your chain mail armor just in case. I'll wear my rogue's student armor." In case you didn't know, me and Zero have swordplay fights to prepare ourselves for any sort of disaster, invasion, attack, etc. A few hours passed, and Zero, Zant, Athena and I sat at lunch eating. "So, Zant," I said with a sandwich in my mouth, "Do you like swordplay?" He responded with a slight nod, and full-mouthed, said, "I sometimes do Spellsword fights with my brother and other friends." I sat there in awe of him, and gasped out the words, "W…..What?" Zant stopped eating, put down his lunch and told me about his powers. He said that he was born a magic user, but also took to the art of sword fights. Athena blurted out, "Hey, I use magic too! I'm a mage, so I don't use weapons. Just a staff that projects my magic. I can also do direct attacks with my fists as well!" I turned and said, "You never told me you could do direct attacks! That's pretty neat." She shrugged, and said it took a while to learn it. In the moment, I asked her if she would like to join me and Zero in our swordplay. Magic was fine, as I was part High Elf, I was immune to it. I didn't use magic, personally, because I thought of it as an overpowered substance to me, so I strayed from my powers as much as I could. She agreed, and I bloomed with joy! I turned to Zant to ask him as well, but before I did, he already said sure. Yay! "Awesome! We'll all walk to my apartment after school. I'm sure the manager will let us use the tennis court." The nets were down, as it was winter. Zant hopped in the conversation and said we could come to his house. I didn't waste time saying "Okay, thank you!" As he "No problem"ed right back. We finished our lunch and our classes, then left for Zant's.

Before I went over, I ran to my house, grabbed my armor and daggers. Once I got to Zant's house, everyone was ready in his playing field, while I had to walk over and apologize for making everyone wait. They cheerfully said it was fine and I perked up. I slipped on my suit and silence jacket, and came on Zero's team, who was alone. Athena and Zant versus Me and Zero. Piece of cake. I had found a way to repel Athena's attacks, but I wouldn't know what to do about Zant. His powers could be strong, or wimpy. The referee came out and explained the rules.  As soon as he was done, He yelled the countdown. "3… 2… 1… You may begin your fight!" Straight when he was done with the word "fight", Zant jumped straight in the air and unsheathed his sword. It gleamed with a dark red, almost like blood. I darted to the left and dodged his attack. I had missed him by a narrow foot! I did a wall jump on the gate, and jumped about 20 feet in the air, gliding through the wind. Athena conjured up a bird to try and take me down, as I was jumping from the pillars in the field. I dodged the bird, and threw my dagger at it. It instantly vanished, and came up right behind me. I was trapped! I had to think very quickly, so I tried to jump down the pillar and get it to get closer to the ground. I jumped down, and almost right when I hit the court, a wave of wind gusted into my face. I didn't know what was happening, but I did know that I was tumbling on the ground, about 30 feet away from where I was. I did a backwards roll on the ground, while Athena dismissed the bird, and shot an arrow of fire at me. I dodged, and dashed to one of the pillars to get a cover. I tried using my teleportation for a second, to teleport me quickly to another pillar closer to her to get an ambush, but I failed, and she broke the tower of stone in two! While Zero was busy trying to swordplay with Zant, which was going very good, as I saw, I jumped again to a wall and zigzagged a jump to Athena. I was gliding straight at her, while she tried to dodge. I came right in front of her, and put my dagger to her throat, and softly said, "Gotcha!" As she fell down, I looked at her and gloated, "I knew I was the better fighter! Guess you have to practice your skills a but more." She grunted and accepted defeat. I bowed to her, then shook her hand. As she walked off the field, I ran full speed up to Zant, and got about a foot to his back, before he turned around at light speed to counter. I was very surprised! What he did next surprised me very much. This showed his true act of power to me, Athena, and Zero. 

He then yelled, "Raitoningu! Lightning strike!" Zant then raised his hand as electric charge flew from it on to Zero, which knocked him 50 feet to the wall. I couldn't move, as I saw a large thunderbolt come straight at me. I blacked out, my last sight being Zant laughing his butt off, and Athena in awe, her mage's outfit fluttering back from the wind.

The End

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