Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 2Mature

Chapter II - Who is Zant, anyways?

I looked at him closely, getting a deep sense of familiarity about him. I don't know where, but I knew this guy. I just knew it! Eh, whatever. I shook the feeling off, and sat there until he finished getting set up in his desk, and Mr. Arakawa started to give out the lesson for the day. I leaned over to my friend, Athena, and whispered to her, "Are you getting a strange feeling about that Arneaus kid? I feel like I know him from… somewhere. I just can't place my tongue on it." She shrugged it off and whispered back to me, "Well maybe you should talk to him. Maybe it'll give you a better sense of  what he's like, and you can try and remember." I smiled at her, and nodded my head. Ah, Athena. She was a beautiful girl, and topped everyone in the class. We had only met about 6 months ago, but I feel like it's been 5 years. I won't get into describing her, so don't worry. Yes, you reading this. What's wrong with breaking the fourth wall? Absolutely nothing, of course! Anyways, I started on the assignment that Arakawa gave us. I looked at the Geometry, and tried to remember what the heck a perpendicular bisector was, until I finally got Zero to tell me. I don't think I could get a good grade without this guy! I finally finished this crap math, and started to read, until I noticed Zant was sitting on the other side of Athena. I decided I would try and say something to him after this class period ended. Maybe he isn't stuck up and obnoxious like a lot of the other royals. 

30 minutes passed with all of us taking notes, and Mr. Arakawa lecturing. The bell finally rang, and we all got up to go to the next class. What luck! Turns out that Zant had the next class with me and my friends! While I walked, Zant was right behind me, so I told Zero I was gonna talk to him, and he nodded. I slowed down to get beside Zant, and I looked at him. "Hi there," I said. "I'm Dante Darkus, and that's my friend Zero Zalazor over there." I said to him as I pointed at Zero. I could hear a "Who said my name" come from him and I chuckled. He turned his head and said, "I'm Zant Arneaus- as you probably already know. I'm one of the princes in the royal family. It's nice to meet you!" I knew I was right, about him being cool and all! We chatted some more while we walked, and got to class. in our Physical Science class, our teacher let him sit where he wanted, so I invited him to the seat next to mine, which has been empty. He agreed, and we started the lesson. I had remembered that today, we were doing a group activity today. It was four to a group this time, so I welcomed Zant into our group of Me, Zero, and Athena. Apparently, today we were doing a lab about chemical properties and what they are about. We did that, day went by, and Me, Zant, and Zero talked more. 

After school, Zero and I decided we should hang out and play some video games. We invited Zant over, but he refused. "Why?" I asked. He told us he had important business to attend to, so I sorrowfully told him "Mkay." And walked off with Zero. I had almost forgotten about Athena! I asked her, but she was busy as well. Seems like everyone is busy these days. So, Zero and I went to my house to hang. Before he left my house, I told him to be nice to Zant, and to not prank him or attack him on the first days. He laughed, and sarcastically said ,"Alright, man! Suuuuure." He walked away, as I said goodbye a final time. I closed the door, and started on my homework. As I did the questions, I started thinking about the dream I had last night. Who was the kid I saw, and what did he want? I kicked it off as some strange dream, and finished up. I took my shower, got on my sleeping clothes, and laid down. I almost got to sleep, when my eyes shot open. My god. The boy…

It was Zant.

The End

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