Three Kings of Nothing - Chapter 1Mature

Three Kings of Nothing

Starring - Kameron as Zero, Blaine as Zant, and myself as Dante.

Chapter I - The Arrival

"Your time grows nearer, my friend. Soon, all your friends will be gone, and there isn't a thing you can do about it," The strange boy said. 

I woke up draped in a cold sweat. It was that dream again - it HAD to be. I just couldn't shake the feeling something seemed wrong - off. I shrugged it off with a strong will in high hopes for my upcoming day. A new transfer student was going to be in the same grade as me! I couldn't believe I had a chance to make a new friend and I just couldn't botch it! As my eyes grew heavy, my final thoughts before I slept were of that dream. I wondered who that boy was, and why he was there in my dream.

I woke up, alarm clock ringing at a high pitched and loud noise. As I hit the snooze button, and turned it off, I remembered that today, the new transfer student was coming in! I excitedly got up and put on my clothes. Dark blue winter jacket, with a random T- shirt underneath. Same as always, but that feeling of repetition never left me. I ate my regular breakfast, and started out the door to my apartment.  As I started to close the door, I felt a sharp pain on my face, as a warm, fleece like material hit me. I fell, and shortly after, heard the phrase I knew for most of my life. "Sup, bro?" It was Zero Zalazor. Now this guy, he was my bro. We have been I looked up at his face, to see a grin spreading across it. I smiled at him and he helped me up from his recent clothesline attack. "You ready to go to school and meet that new dude," He said as I dusted the hallway carpet debris off of my pants. "Nobody knows his name yet, but we'll soon figure that out, eh?" "Yeah, yeah," I said as we started down the stairs to the entrance. While we were walking, I looked over at his hair, all white and spiky. He had always wore a headband, with two curved lines at the top if it. One of the lines were red, and the other was blue. I assumed them to be his favorite colors after all. I had never gotten the chance to ask him why he wore the headband, but I decided to keep it for later. Ever since we had met, I had always seen that band around his forehead, whether it was raining, or he was sick. 

I looked down at my watch and my eyes bulged. "Oh crap, man! We're late!" Zero turned to me and gave me a look that said , "What the heck are you talking about?" I showed him my watch and his eyes had the same bulge as mine. We started streaking through the crowds, yelling "Excuse me" and "Pardon me" everywhere. Once we reached the entrance of my hometown's high school, TenebrisTown High, it was already 8:00. 5 minutes past the bell. We walked to class, books in hand, and got ready for the yelling that Mr. Arakawa was going to put down on us. We had been tardy many times before, but i'm not sure what he would do this time! As we walked in, Mr. Arakawa looked at us, as well as the whole classroom, and loudly, but daringly said, "I'll let you two off once more, but that's it, got it?" We nodded our heads and let out two "Yes Sirs" and sat down. Arakawa explained the usual new student routine.We had a lot of students moving in and out, so we usually didn't have a lot of friends at a time. "Before our new student comes in, I'd like you all to stand up, for he is actually part of the Royal Family. He is a nice boy, and comes from a long line of being wealthy, so be patient with him, alright?" We all nodded, and he went outside for a brief moment. A boy about our age and height came in. He had piercing, deep, blue eyes. Almost like looking at the ocean. He was wearing a dark purple jacket with a strange insignia on it. "Hello," he said. "My name is Zant Arneaus." 

The End

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