The Beginning

What always confused me growing up was that Mom and Dad had their thread, and dull red, that connected them. However, my aunt and uncle, did not. They had always seemed head over heels for each other, but my aunt had a light yellow thread connecting her to Mayor Joel, whereas my uncle had his, which was a vibrant blue, hanging lonely and cut off behind him, following him wherever he went like a lost puppy. I asked him about it once, but all I got was a short laugh and a shake of his head.

When my aunt and uncle split up when I turned eleven, I somehow knew exactly what it was over. Sure enough, a couple weeks later I spotted my Aunt Lissana with Mayor Joel, a bright and unmistakable smile on her face. That's when I went home and found my Uncle Allen staring blankly at the wall in his now empty house. I didn't say anything, because I didn't know how to explain anything. Instead, I just sat with him, served him dinner, and brought him a change of clothes.

That's when he looked up at me, a grateful smile on his face. 

"Evelyn, whoever you marry someday, is going to be a lucky man."

I just smiled and gave him a hug, but that statement gave me an idea. I excused myself, and went to follow my silver thread.

The End

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