Bran: New People

                Meeting so many people in such a short amount of time is exhausting.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love meeting new people, but having to push that many people into such a small window can really take a lot out of a guy.

                Regardless of how exhausted I am now, I’ll be chipper in the morning and ready to pursue more conversation.  I just hope everyone else is ready to break out of their shell.  They all seemed so tight in there, like they were reserved to only themselves or those who came with them.  I can’t seem to understand why people don’t want to broaden their horizons.

                Meeting new people should be an exciting adventure, almost like what we’re taking a part in.  We’re all pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible in the past.  We should at least get to know those people who are sharing this beautiful experience with us.  Maybe I just think differently.

                I tried on several occasions to talk about the actual station, but people seemed disinterested.  Maybe the party tired everyone else out as much as it tired me out too.  I’ll have to find someone interested in learning about the geosynchronous orbit pattern that keeps up “floating” above only one point on the planet letting us follow that spot into day and night.

                The furnishings on the ship are sparse, but that doesn’t really bother me.  At least they aren’t as haphazard and messy as my home on Earth.  Here there is so little to misplace that it all seems to fall into a neat pile instead of a house-wide heap.  It makes finding the things I need to find a little easier, but it also takes away the fun of searching for whatever I want.  It doesn’t sound fun, but at times it feels like an adventure sifting through all kinds of interesting things I had forgotten about to find something. 

It usually takes hours and hours because I’ll find something and forget all about what I was searching for as I reread it or look over it again.  Now what was I doing again?

The End

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