Jack : Nex Entry


Secund entry to the jurnal. Dis is quiet fun, riting the jurnal so dat when I come home, all the people and Mr. Syaz and the NATMC peepl get to read what Ive been doin heer.

I dun know what to rite for title, so I just rite my name and put "Nex Entry". Is dat okay, Mr. Syaz?

I found out dat “the” is spelled wif a ‘th’ not a ‘d’.

After I rite the furst entry in my jurnal, I put down the book and pen, because my hand starting to hurt. I walk around the big ship, and I see lotsa tings.

Dere’s wun window, and when I look out of it, I dun see all the tings I always see. When I look at de window at the home I used to leev in, I only see grass, trees, udder kids playing and dat weerdo guy in the dirty clothing who sleeps under the bridge and likes to shout alot.

But heer is different! When I look out the window heer, I see wun big, blue ball! Sorta blue, but it’s got wite, green, and other stuffs there too.

I like it heer.

After dat, I’m in a big room, and deres music playing, but I don’t know what song. I never noe what song goes on the radio, on accounta me having my bein thick, so it difficult to remember the words.

But I like the tune, and I just sitting heer, and deres all deese peepl around me, and deyre talking, or laughing, or dancing. And I just sitting heer, no one to talk to, or laugh with, or dance with, alldough I not dat good a dancer, so I dun care much for it.

I see dis man in a white coat, and he talking to peepl, but he doing it difrently. He talk only for a short wile, den he talk to sumwun else. Deres dis lady nex to him, and I never see eider of dem before.

Wen he finish talking, I put down my jurnal so I can talk to him.

“Why are you heer?” I say when I walk up to him.

He look at me funny, like deres something wrong with my face (I look in the mirror half an hour ago, I know nothin’s wrong with dat!).

“Excuse me?” he say back to me.

“Why are you heer?” I axe again. “I noe I’m heer because I am an idiot, and sumwun is paying for me, but you are not stupid, and the other peepl heer don’t seem so smart, but dey not idiots either.”

He look at me a bit longer, then he look at the lady and he smile. Then he turn back to me, still smiling.

“Ah, I see. You must be Jack Sawyer, am I correct?”

I nod my head, and he say,

“Well, you see, I thought all of this up. I designed the spaceship, the entire vehicle that we are in currently. It was quite simple, really, all I had to do was work out a functioning artificial gravity system, which I did, by causing this entire section to be rotating, thus generating -“

He use a lot of big words dat I dun understand, sort of like people do when dey want to make fun of me.

Den the lady touch his arm and say sumthing quietly in his ear. He look at her, den look at me, den say,

“Sorry about that, I tend to get excited about my projects. I hope you’re having fun on board this spaceship, young man.”

And he walk away. I still dun noe what all the udder peepl are heer for.

So, now, I in my room, which the nice lady in the dress shown me. It’s quiet nice, with a bed, and a mirror abuv a table, and the table has some drawers under it. I am sitting in the bed. Oooh, my hand hurting again, I stop now.

Good night.

The End

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