Maeve: After the Party

I collapsed on my bunk in the cabin I shared with Rokiah groaning as my head hit the hard metal plate through the thin mattress.

'Why do they make these things so thin?'  I'd made the same remark when I'd done exactly the same thing the first time we'd been in the cabin.  'Someone could knock themselves out on that,' I complained, making Rokiah laugh.  'What?'

'Just you.  Complaining about the thin mattresses when we're in space.'  She spun around in the tiny space, crashing into the wall as she tripped over her own feet.  'Ouch!'  Rokiah rubbed her head and staggered over to the bunks and clambered up onto her bed.  'But honestly Mae.  Don't you think it's amazing.  We're in space,' she squealed.

'Yeah alright, it is pretty amazing,' I agreed.

'Pretty amazing?'  Rokiah leaned over the side of her bunk so her hair hung down like a waterfall, cascading towards me.  'It's more than that.'

'I'd say it was..' I paused, trying to think of the right word, 'mind-blowing.  The thought of all that space and nothing out there, just rocks and stuff.'

'Wow,' Rokiah said in her most sarcastic voice, 'that was really awe-inspiring.'  I pulled the pillow out from behind my head and swung it at her hair and she disappeared back onto her bunk.  'Hey!  That was uncalled for.'

'So was your sarcasm,' I retorted, heaving myself up from my bed and heading towards the door, grabbing my wash bag from my bag, sitting at the end of my bunk.  'I'm going to get ready for bed.'

'I didn't mean it,' Rokiah said, her voice worried.  'You do know that, don't you?'

'Of course,' I said before shutting the door behind me.  I walked down the hall to the communal bathroom all the stewards shared.  There were rows upon rows of sinks along one wall and showers with dark curtains along the other.  There weren't many people there, but I bounded up to one figure I knew.  'Hello.  How was your first shift?'

'It was alright,' Robert said, rubbing his face thoroughly with his face cloth.  'How was yours?'

'Not too bad either,' I said whilst getting out my toothbrush and toothpaste and running the tap.  'I didn't have anything spilt down me for once and I'm still feeling relatively cheerful.'  We stood in silence for a minute as I began frantically brushing my teeth.  'What do you think of the guests then?'  My voice was slightly muffled by the toothbrush that was hanging out the side of my mouth as I spoke.

'They're all pompous idiots, as usual.'

'Not just that, they're rich pompous idiots, which hopefully means some nice tips for us when this trip is over.'

Rob laughed as he packed away his things and headed for the door.  'Just think about that at half four when you're setting up the breakfast room for them!'

The End

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