Wow I thought to myself, Just... Wow. I was speechless. Words could not describe the overwhelming feeling of extacy that had washed over me as I had looked out of my window this morning. Well, I say morning, truly it's more of an.. artificial morning. The ship's onboard computers had decided on a warm (ish) morning, with the sun rising at 6.23am. According to the welcome pack that now lay on the floor, the artificial sunlight would mirror the current conditions on earth.

I sighed as I remembered the peaceful morning, wishing it had lasted. I sat down on the floor of the dining hall, in the corner. The meet and greet was going well, everyone on board had avoided talking to me, except the kid who was here through a charity. Even he hadn't been too happy to talk to me. My father stood at the other side of the room, his rotund belly intruding into an unwilling person's personal space. The other person was smiling uncomfortably, obviously attempting to escape from my fathers talk. I knew the feeling.

I chuckled to myself as I stood up, wobbling slightly as I did. I walked confidently over to one of the waitresses who was holding a tray of drinks. I grabbed one from the tray and walked over to a male waiter who was holding a tray of vol-au-vents, grabbing one from the neatly organised tray. I smiled at the waiter, thanked him, and walked away. I sat down at the end of a table at the edge of the room, sighing. I hope I make some friends soon, or this could be a really bad trip.

The End

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