I made it. I'm here. 

I've been chosen to witness the next huge step for man kind. I am apart of it. I am going to be someone. Yes, it may have cost me a lot. But no one would get anywhere if they didn't invest in something. And if your going to invest in something it might as well be the biggest thing out there.

And what gets bigger than space?

My heart literally stopped when I took my first look out of the window. You see it on the pictures, the earth. I thought I wouldn't be moved by it, because I'd seen it already. But nothing prepares you for the immense  beauty it radiates off. 

I quickly got dressed in one of the many dresses I had brought along. I wasn't normally I 'dress' kind of girl, but I wasn't here to chill out. I was here to show an image, and the image people wanted to see was someone elegant. 

I was actually quite surprised that I didn't recognise anyone. Normally when I go to the events for things I have invested in, there are a select few that go for the same ones. Though here, I was alone. 

I flashed my smile at everyone I passed, then took a seat on one of the side tables. I was aware I was one of the oldest females aboard, but I didn't mind. I was past that now, to feel insecure. Thirty two isn't old anyway. I wasn't going to let anyone tell me different. 

I was itching for the night to start. I wanted to meet to man behind this. The brains behind the plan. It's always nice to know who to run to if a disaster comes up. 


The End

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