Kathren: Stars

Stars.  So close i can almost touch them. Glowing brightly through the window in my room. The view is amazing, like i'm i a movie. I've always wanted to come out into space. My father promised me that I could if I got good grades in my exams. So i did. And here i am, out in space.

My room is a nice size, not too big and not too small. It's just right. On the left there is a little bed, with purple sheets neatly folded over it. On the right is an oak desk with my brand new laptop which i got for my 15th birthday sitting on it. And at the back of the room is the best of all. A huge window covering the whole of the far wall. Now i'm sitting there and through it i see millions of stars glowing brightly.

My lifes dream is to be a pilot. I could fly away whenever i wanted to. But now i'll just live in the moment. I'll live in right now.

The End

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