Bran: Everything

The word excited simply isn’t powerful enough for what I’m feeling.  Never once in my life did I think that I would be one of those men people talked about in retrospect.  One of those men who furthered the human race in some way.  It’s mind boggling.

Everything is moving so fast now.  It has been a couple of years since Rettle himself green lighted my design and after meeting him I’ve been on the floor with all of the workers.  Designing, redesigning, fixing, all of the things that go into creating something special.  Doing this work with my hands has given me a new appreciation for the end result.  After watching people build my designs for me I’ve kind of taken for granted how special the entire process is.

I’ve never been part of such a momentous occasion, never been part of the creation of something at all really.  I mean, I’ve built shelves suspended from the ceiling with my father, and a small scale bridge out of balsa wood in Engineering class, but nothing of this magnitude.  Being safely inside my own creation, my own idea—I built with my mind and my own hands—it’s like nothing that I’ve ever felt before.

I’ve seen and worked with my designs before, but I’ve never actually planned to live inside of one like I am with this one.  Of course, this is only a small scale one, but I plan on staying up here for quite awhile.  With the artificial gravity and life support systems I could probably live here for the rest of my life without any adverse affects to my health.  Other than being alone in the black for so long anyway, sometimes that can get into your mind.  But with the company that will be coming with me it should be a wonderful trip.

I suppose taking this entire claim for myself is somewhat selfish, but I can’t help but feel that I somehow did this singlehandedly.  I know that I actually had a small part in it; the great men that Rettle employs were hardworking and extraordinarily bright.  I usually can’t talk about all of the big things going into this station without going over what people understand.

Yet, I could talk about everything with these men!  It was such a terrific feeling, after leaving MIT and living in the “normal world” for awhile, I missed having science minded people around.  It’s nice to talk with people at your own level, nothing against normal people.  On the contrary, I love speaking with normal people, getting a fresh perspective can always open new doors in my mind.

Of course, now on my own ship filled with tourists I’ll be somewhat alone again.  Well, I suppose it isn’t like I can’t talk about other things.  That’s it!  I’ll just talk to them about what they do know: the news, how exciting what we’re taking part in is. 

I was looking at this the wrong way.  I’m not alone because I can’t talk about science.  I’m merely getting a new chance to broaden my horizons and meet new and different people.

The End

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