Jack : Close To Der Stars


Dis is a new jurnal I'm working on. Yoo see, I'm not the britest of peepl. So ders dis organization (Mister Syaz told me how to spell dat, he's my cartaker) cald der National Advancement Of The Mentally Challenged. I copeed der spelling from a sine I saw at der building.

Dey say, because I not a smart boy, I can have one wish. I look at the stars one night, and I know wat I want. I wanna get closer to der stars.

After I tell Mister Syaz, he scratch his head and say, "Well, Jack, I suppose I can tell the organization about it."

And heer I am!

I'm very eksited about it. Dey tel me to put on some weerd cloding, den dey strap me in a big chaar, then I heer one voice saying some numbers, but I don't know all of dem so I can't say what they arr.

But I heer sum numbers I know, 3, 2, 1, and den da voice say, "Blastoff!" and den dere's dis loud noiz, and I meen LOUD, and den suddenly I move up, den I move faster, and faster, and faster.

And den dere's some udder stuff, but all I noe is that I am closer to the stars now!

Dere's some other peeple heer too, I don noe why. Maybee dey are not so smart too, like me.

I stop riting now, I getting tirsty. Maybee I axe der nice lady in der dress for more water.

The End

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