Mackenzie - Nothing

I never really noticed before how beautiful nothing is. A velvety black expanse expands before me, containing so much and yet seeming so empty. It's the World of Nothing - my very own little world. Secret. Like naughty chocolates hidden in my wardrobe when I was young. Just for me.

Only, of course, it's not nothing at all. It's the most fantastic place, bursting with light, color, life, adventure... It's my very own enormous secret world. I am a cloud - I can blow anywhere...

Only, of course, it's not my own world at all. Not any more. Because it's being invaded. Right now.

And I'm helping to invade it. Funny how things turn out.

On board this ship that I'm flying (apparently single-handed - where is everyone?!) are heaps of tourists. The first ever Space Tourism ship is... Us!  Moirae 1, or Morag, as I like to call her. After my auntie.

If you know anything about Greek mythology, you'll know that the Moirae, or the Three Fates, decided the destiny of every man and woman that ever lived. Personally, I think it's a ridiculous name for a spaceship, but, strangely enough, they never consulted me. Moirae 1 is a small-scale version of the Big Thing - Morrison Torus, which will be opening... Whenever they've finished building it. I'm not bothered about that kind of stuff. Morag's my ship, and she's all I'm interested in.

Anyway, so here I am, in a miniature space station, giving a group of tourists a space cruise, just as if it was the Nile, or the Med. Huh. A bit more exotic. And you don't get a tan.

All my passengers are very famous, very stylish, and very, very rich. Of course. They wouldn't be here otherwise. But, they're my passengers, and I'm their captain, and so I have a responsibility towards them to make this the trip of their lifetime.


Shouldn't be too much trouble. The stuff's all out there. They just have to open their eyes and see it.

The End

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