In the year 2014 NASA's overwhelming amount of government bail-outs and over expenditures had finally hit the breaking point. The American government could no longer afford to single handedly bail a failing company out of the pits of debt it constantly buried itself in. NASA's recent amount of failures had overshadowed all of its triumphs in the past decades. And so the American government, in the tax payer's best interest, privatized space exploration.

With the privatization of space, Aerospace entrepreneurs now had only each other as competition for the open frontier that is space. One such Space Agency, Rettle Aeronautics, owned by the wealthy Aaron Rettle, was commissioned to build and launch into orbit a luxury space tourism station. This station would be known as the Morrison Torus, named after the man who had designed the station, Doctor Brandon Morrison.

In the early months of 2018 a small scale rendition of the station was completed and outfitted for testing. The station was brought into orbit after rigorous testing and in late 2019 was cleared as habitable and safe for human life.

When this statement was issued the major investors were contacted and asked if they would like to be shuttled to the Morrison Torus Luxury Tourist Station and stay. Many of the high rolling investors were inclined to experience the fruits of their money first hand.

With high interest and spirits the small group of investors was shuttled aboard the station in the summer months of 2021, including journalists for publications and further public relations.


The End

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