To Give Thanks

I think there's a theme here, because I too have had some challenges this year - enormous ones!

However, I am thankful for: 

  • crazy, insane friends like Caitlin, who kept me going just with their pure weirdness
  • the best Torchwood marathons EVER with the people I know I can count on
  • the opportunities I've been given by Mark Williams to share my writing with a wider audience
  • my family for putting up with me and helping me through the bad times even when it didn't feel like it at the time
  • the opportunity to start ballet again after so long, and the strength to know I wanted it more than Irish dance
  • my pointe shoes, sitting on the floor next to me
  • all of the chances I had this year - to go to Italy with orchestra, to camp with DofE, to sail for a week with Harriers A, to go to France to learn the language...
  • my brother, who is sitting on the floor next to me now with the 'portastudio' and his mac, trying to sort out the tracks for a CD I'm trying to make =D
The End

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