A lot has gone on this year for me. I guess a lot has gone on for everyone. Life isn't simple is it and one thing that annoys me is how when everything seems to be getting better someone has to turn round to ruin it for you.

I have a lot to thank my mum for. She's been there for me through thick and thin. I honestly can say I wouldn't be here without her. She gave me the confidence and support that a parent should. Sure we still argue but who doesn't fight with their parents.

I think its the death of my nanan that's hit my dads side of the family hard. I don't want to think of the strong family bonds beginning to crumble but you don't seem to realise how much someone holds you together till they're gone. I cried a lot when my nanan passed away. A little was probably from guilt of not seeing her as much as I liked but also cause I loved her so much.

To not love your family is to almost be without something I feel. You never realise till you look back how much you've relied on them.

I guess I can also thank my boyfriend for a lot of support this year. He's given me the confidence I need to speak out. He's been there when I needed to cry even though he lives so far away. We haven't been together long but that doesn't matter. You need to make the time you have with people count especially when you're young.

As for friends though, I don't feel all that close to the ones I had been so tight with at the beginning of this year. Maybe that's my fault. Maybe I've changed but I have new friends. Maybe not ones I can talk to all the time cause they're people who live far away that I've met through my writing or someway or another. Its actually strange how someone who is almost a stranger to you can actually help you in life. 

I've struggled with a lot but I always try and think positive because hopefully in the end everything will get better.

The End

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