Where do I begin?????

Well, this year has been a bit of a challenge. Two year old baby wrecking everything, friends betraying you or changing themselves for the worst. Sure, nobody I was really close to died, but we have has some hard times. Just one thing would be my Grandma having knee replacemeny surgurey. She is still trying to recover, and it's been really hard for us to see her hurting the way she is. For no apparent reason at all, i find myself thinking about my Great-grandpa a lot. He died back in 2003, but even now it makes a huge impact. I can't even og to my grandma's house anymore without thinking of him. I walk out to their frony yard, and start ot cry. There is the porch swing he used so sit at, always trying ot improve it. I almost always saw him sitting there with a piece of sandpaper, trying ot smooth out another rough spot.But now it's empty. Just an old splintered swing about ot break. So, I guess i am thankful for many things which helped me get through these.

My family

My friends (who stayed the same)

My ability to choose good friends

The friend who changed herself( Taught me just how much I really knew about my friends)

A roof above my head

Osmewhere warm ot sleep

my little pioneer town

The chance i have ot see family (thye farthest is just a mile from my house, other than a few who live in Pehinox and one who lives in California)

And last, but definitely not least, my religion. Without the LDS church I would be lost in a world where there seems no control, no protection from things like drugs. WIhtout my religion, I would not have a friend who changed herself. I would have changed instead.

The End

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