Couldn't ask for more

Really, this year has been a roller coaster for me, both my exes got with both my "best friends" and I really found out who my true friends were and were not. I entered college to do A levels but ended up switching to Btec Performing Arts and I was really nervous about it but everyone seemed to welcome me with open arms. I found my place there, in our college theatre with the very strange, chaotic, absolutely mental disfunctional familly we have there. Also one of my sisters found out she was pregnant and whether I like the dad or not I cant wait to see my third niece/nephew. Both my grandmothers passed this year and I will miss them dearly even if I did not know them very well. To all three of my grandmothers up there may you rest in peace.

I am thankful for so much this year.
I am thankful to my familly who has been so supportive
I am thankful to everyone in my class at college for including me as I had never felt so accepted.
I am thankful that my two already born niece and nephew are growing up to be happy, healthy and loved dearly.
I am thankful to the friends I have from secondary school that I can call true friends.
I am even thankful to both of my exes and so called "best friends" for helping me to grow a backbone. If not for them I would still be being walked over now. But now I am a lot stronger.

There is probably so much more I have neglected to mention but I am thankful for so much so some things will slip my mind but, honestly I couldn't ask for more.

My new years resolution is to throw myself into my course and love whatever I do, I want next year to help my better myself so I can say that I, well and truly did all I could and had fun doing it. Here's to a hopefully better year next year.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

The End

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