My fear...

Well, I've thought a lot about this, because sometimes, what you seem to fear is not what you really fear the most. To find out your real fear is to travel to your heart of hearts, and truly understand yourself.

What I fear the most is to be lost. I'm scared that I am going to be lost, lost in this world of brilliance. Because everywhere I turn, I see people who are better than me even in things that I thought I was good at. I realize, when I see these people, that being good is not enough. when I first joined this site, I was excited about sharing my views with like-minded people, and for them to comment on and praise(?) my work. Now, I admit, it has just made my depression worse. Because I have realized the sheer number of people out there who are much more than I am, and I realized that I don't stand a chance.

I'm scared of being lost in peoples' minds. People who stay with me now, and tell me they love me, but will forget about me as soon as they find someone better. People who aren't brave enough to truly take the dive into my heart, and give me false hopes of caring about me, of understanding me. They are a nasty breed, with fake smiles and unnaturally bright faces. Unfortunately, the world is filled with them.

My list goes on and on; I think I'll stop here for now. I guess what I really fear is life, because life is a complicated, tangled mess. It promises a lot, but gives you little. Ummm...I can think of no suitable concluding sentence, so....yeah.



The End

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