Things I Fear

I don't really know, but these are my major fears, besides spiders.

I HATE SPIDERS, and thus I won't write about them xD

I have this fear. I guess you can say its the fear of not being enough. But,it's so much more to it that that. I honestly think that I'm afraid of being loved, because if they love you, then you can hurt them. And its pretty much common knowledge, that anything i touch, breaks. I know what it feels like to be broken and i never want to be the one to cause such pain...

I have this fear of being alone... its such a ridiculous fear,y'know?  I mean, even in crowded bleachers at a football game with all my friends there with me....I'm alone. I'm alone in my thoughts. And I'm alone in my heart, there hasn't been a single person that has filled that emptiness completely.Not yet.

i have this fear.Its a very complicated fear...I'm afraid of living. Living means emotions and connections and'd think I would be okay with all of that, considering I'm scared of being alone, but nope. My mind hates me and contradicts itself on the daily....

My biggest fear is being someone's hero. A hero can do no wrong in the eyes of the everyone else, and everything I do is wrong. This post? Yeah its wrong. Its not saying what I wanted it to. That poetry you read by me? WRONG. It didn't touch your heart did it? It was suppose too. I'm afraid of being someone's hero because I know I will always let them down. And I carry too much disappointment on my shoulders already.

I'm not afraid to die,to cry,or to lie. I'm not afraid to love you,and hold you,and care for you. I'm not afraid of any of that.But i am deathly afraid that one day you'll walk away, but more so that one day I'll have to walk away from you.

The End

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