They Talk of Glass Houses

I like to use a lot of staggering in my poetry to create the visual affect of stilted speech but
Protagonize just doesn't like my formatting and refuses to cooperate.
For this I apologize.

I live

in a glass dome

And everyone can see just what's inside

all of the ugliness and all of the beauty

all of the love and all of the anger

all of the memories and all of the secrets

And I trust


(you in particular,

you with everything)

because honesty,

like clear glass,

can catch the light

and fill the room with such dazzling clarity

and I like that.

And when you tell me

you live in a glass dome too

i believe you

because i trust


(you in particular,

you with everything)

But when you pull out something that you've hidden from view

or out of sight

behind a fault in the glass

I'm so


because I trusted


(and you in particular,

and you with everything)

That I wish desperately

I could hide something from you

just out of spite

But of course,

I have nothing to hide

(because I trusted


(you in particular,

and with everything))

And the light shines in on me

but I can't ever see the shadows in yours

(oh, but they're there.

I know they're there.)


And now it's hard

for me to trust

at all



The End

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